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Hello my dear readers,

Thank you for visiting our Web page :)

My name is Miriam from Secret-Travel.Guide and I would like to introduce you to our carefully-planned travel routes for solo travel. It is especially useful for all those who prefer to travel alone. 

I have always been convinced that you can never properly experience a country, its people, and culture with a package holiday. Only those who remain impartial can experience the true wealth of their trip. However, this does not mean that you don't plan for your journey. You can make a wish list of all the destinations you want to visit and figure out how many days you'll need for them.Suppose you are at the beginning of your travel plan, or the destination you want to visit. You can get inspirations for a trip from friends, YouTube videos, or online recommendations. You feel totally excited about the upcoming adventure and would like to pack your bags straight away - but where exactly do you choose?

For most people, it would be impossible to explore the whole country as they have to compromise and choose a certain route, a region, etc. To make such decisions, you should know the highlights of the country and how much time you should allow for exploring it. Of course there are many activities that will suit every taste but it wouldn't be so exciting if we were all interested in the same things. Nevertheless, there are a few attractions that will surely appeal to all. :)

We try to help with our recommendations, maps and videos. The maps show the highlights of the country and how much time you will need for them. The articles provide detailed information, practical tips on what to look for, but also restaurant or hotel recommendations that we were very impressed with.

In addition, there are videos that intend to be inspiring and show the top things to do as part of our travel tips. 

We are still at the beginning stage of our website, but we are busy compiling our trips for you and at the same time our suitcases are packed for new adventures :)

We would love to get your feedback so if you have any valuable tips that can help other travellers, or if you have any questions to ask us, we will be more than happy to get in touch. 

All the best,