Travel to northern Sweden for unforgettable winter holidays in Lapland

Travel to northern Sweden for unforgettable winter holidays in Lapland

Want to go on an adventurous holiday this winter with lots of snow-related activities? Then consider visiting the picturesque Swedish Lapland, Kiruna. This popular travel destination was once a major iron mining town, where the indigenous Sami people settled more than 6,000 years ago. Today, the stunning town on the north of the Arctic Circle is an attractive winter destination for nature lovers, with its beautiful mountains, frozen lakes, and ancient forests. If you are eager to visit Sweden, Kiruna city is just waiting to be explored with its huge winter wonderland and vast ski slopes. Come and join us on an epic adventure to one of Sweden’s most scenic cities.

What you will experience in Kiruna, Sweden

  • Stay at the unique Icehotel, one of Sweden’s best known attractions

  • Take part in the exciting arctic activities like ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, sleigh riding with the reindeers, ice sculpting, and horseback riding tours

  • Build your own igloo and stay overnight

  • Go on an interesting mine tour

  • Spend a couple of hours having fun with the reindeers

  • Get warmed up in an egg-shaped sauna for an ultimate relaxation experience

  • Go ice climbing in the Abisko mountains

  • Take a 20-minute helicopter tour to see the vast peaks of Kebnekaise

  • Drive your own sled by going on a Husky safari

  • For the ultimate Northern Lights experience, visit one of the world’s best light phenomena at the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko

  • Visit an authentic Sami village on a reindeer sled ride

  • Enjoy watching the auroras under a campfire in the wild

Everything you need to know about your Sweden winter holidays

What to do in Sweden in winter: the best adventure activities

Here is a comprehensive list of all the top Kiruna winter activities to take part in:

Go dog sledding and Enjoy the ride of your life with a Husky safari

Husky safari

Husky safari

A Husky safari day tour allows you to choose a sled between just 2 people so you can sit back and relax with your partner and enjoy the ride. If you opt for an overnight Husky tour, you will stay in a cabin in the wilderness camp with sauna facilities. These fun-filled dog sled tours are also recommended for families with young children (min. 6 years of age). You will be provided with warm clothing, gloves, hats, and boots.
Tip: book your Husky tour with Kiruna Husky. Sebastian is a German expat who operates the Husky farm and safaris. He takes good car of his dogs and his tours are not too touristy, with only small groups of people. Note, you can also stay in a self-made igloo at Sebastian’s ranch for a chance to see the auroras at night.

Drive a snowmobile through Sweden’s magical winter landscape


This is an action-packed tour that will take you through the stunning wilderness close to the Kalix River. You will be equipped with the appropriate clothing and shown how to drive a snowmobile. These tours are arranged for small groups of up to 4 persons only if you book through Zack. Some other tour operators arrange tours for big groups, especially the ones near the Ice Hotel. On these tours, not only will you have the chance to explore the magic of Lapland, but you might also encounter a moose or reindeer along the way. The guides, Zack and Sebastian, work together and are located at the same place. Zack’s snowmobile tours are completely private as he will never fit too many people into one single tour. If you want to drive fast, you should let him know before booking your tour if possible. He will take you to a big lake, and if you want to drive off-road, he will find you some great snowmobiling tracks. We suggest that you book a private tour if you wish to drive at full speed. Although a private tour may be a little more expensive, it is well worth the price. There are different tours depending on the size of the group, but the less people in your group the better because you can plan exactly where to go and what to do with your guide.

Stay at Sweden’s one and only Ice Hotel


The world’s very first ice hotel made of snow and ice can be found in Sweden. Founded in 1989, the unique Ice Hotel is located 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjärvi village. This hotel offers 55 cold rooms, art suites, ice rooms, and 72 warm rooms all year round. Alongside the classic Ice Hotel experience, another structure was also built in 2016 with luxury suites and an ice gallery. Hotel 365 offers an ice bar serving champagne and there are 20 art suites that are made of snow and ice. You can stay in a cold room at the Ice Hotel for a unique sleeping-on-ice experience. You can also visit the Ice Hotel as a day visitor and see all the rooms any time of the day. If you'd like to know more about the Ice Hotel, refer to our detailed review here...

Attend an ice sculpting class


Discover the world of ice sculpting by attending a workshop that will get you engaged in the class in a completely intense way. Your guide will teach you how to use your hands to work on the ice with basic tools like a block and chisel. The duration of an ice sculpting class is 2 to 3 hours and anyone over the age of 13 can take part.

Get off the beaten track with a cross country skiing adventure

Learn how to ski like a pro and experience the magical arctic wilderness in Kiruna. You can ski on real snow almost all year round from end of November to mid July whilst enjoying the midnight sun in summer or the Northern Lights in winter. Kiruna offers many well-prepared skiing trails that are close to the city centre. No matter whether you are a beginner or professional skier, cross country skiing in Kiruna is ideal for people of all levels.

Visit the STF Aurora Sky Station and book an aurora Borealis hunting night tour


The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is one of the most unique places to see the Northern Lights. This station is located on Mount Nuolja, away from noise and sound pollution. Here you can enjoy the absolute darkness with only the night sky and more stars than you’ve ever seen before. There is also a look-out tower at the Aurora Sky Station with a souvenir shop and an aurora light exhibition. Although there is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights, you can still book an aurora hunting night tour to try your luck.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride with Sami Stories


In the authentic Sami village of Rávttas, you can get to know how the indigenous people of Sweden live. A reindeer day in this Sami village provides you with the opportunity to get close to the reindeers and even hand feed them. Afterwards, you will go on an exciting reindeer sled ride in the countryside as part of your Kiruna winter activities highlights. You will learn how to direct the reindeer through the deep snow whilst enjoying the breath-taking landscape. After the ride is over, it’s time to enjoy reindeer meat with locally made bread around an open fire in a Sami tepee. Please note that you can book the reindeer day tours in many places in and around Kiruna, not just in the village of Rávttas. If you are going to book a reindeer tour in Kiruna, then we recommend the one in Rávttas, since it is a Sami village. There are different reindeer tours to choose from. It’s best to decide what you want to do before booking your tour to avoid disappointment. For example, there are slow-paced reindeer sleigh rides for those seeking a romantic tour and there are fast-paced adventure tours for thrill seekers.

Go horseback riding on a moose safari Sweden

Horseback riding on a moose safari

Horseback riding on a moose safari

If you like nature and animals, then you will love the horseback riding tour arranged by the Ofelas ranch. The ride on the beautiful Icelandic horses will take you through the peaceful forest on a moose spotting safari under the auroras. The couple who organise the tour will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the horse farm. They have been running this ranch for nearly 30 years and will show you how to wash horses including cleaning their sheath and brushing them. However, if you just want to take a ride on a horse and are not keen on grooming the animal, then this activity is not for you. You will lose a lot of daylight hours in the stable preparing the animal. In fact, the whole grooming process can take 1.5 hours before you go horse riding for 90 minutes. The ride through the forest is peaceful and picturesque, where you can enjoy the winter wonderland of Swedish Lapland, and it can be an especially thrilling experience when you spot a moose - we weren’t lucky enough to see one though.
Note: if you’re not into horses, then you might find this activity a little boring. Adrenaline seekers should try the snowmobiling, heliskiing, or ice climbing activities instead. The Ofelas ranch is a nice place and they treat horses very well. They have 24 horses on their farm and aside from horse riding in summer and winter, they also offer accommodation, snowmobiling activities, aurora hunting, traditional Sami cooking, and riding lessons.

Snowshoeing - walk in snow

Snowshoeing has always been one of the most enjoyable ways of walking through the deep snow in the Arctic Circle. Most accommodations offer snowshoeing activities that will teach you how to walk in the metre-deep snow. Hiking through the deep snow with snowshoes is an exciting and fun activity.

Go on a Kiruna mine tour


To get a better understanding of Kiruna’s troubled past, it is worth taking a guided tour into the world’s largest iron ore mine located beneath Kiruna city. The entire city will be relocated 3 kilometres away to the new Kiruna because of the heavy mining that goes on here. The move will prevent the town from the danger of sinking into the mine. This is a very interesting mine tour and highly recommended – if you have the time that is. Otherwise you should spend whatever time you have left taking part in the fun activities instead. But if you can spare some time during your trip to go on this mine tour, it will be worth it. You will meet up with the group and the guide at the tourist information centre. The bus will take you into the mine, some 500 metres below ground surface. The guide will talk about the mining history of Kiruna, you will be shown the actual machinery that was used by the miners, and learn about the mining process. The only frustrating part is that you don’t get to see any actual mining carried out in real time, but you can watch it on Youtube and learn that way. We expected a little more than just seeing the machines and learning about the mine’s history. After leaving the tourist information centre, the bus will take you up the hill where you can enjoy the city views. Along the way, you can take a little peek of the mine from outside, but since the bus goes so fast, you won’t get to see much.

Spend an unforgettable night in the wilderness around a campfire


If you can brave the cold, then there is no better experience than sitting around a campfire and waiting for the auroras to show up. Even if you don’t get to see the Northern Lights, the campfire experience is hard to beat, regardless of whether you stay in a rustic log cabin in the middle of the forest, or choose to camp in the wild. Most accommodations have their own fireplace.

Go to an egg-shaped Swedish sauna

The 5-metre high egg-shaped sauna is a perfect meeting point for Kiruna residents and visitors. There are 69 gold-plated sheets that comprise the solar egg in an oval shape that truly stands out from afar. This Swedish sauna is located 145 km north of the Arctic Circle and its intention is to make a reference to the snowy climate in winter as reflected on the gold-plated mirrored surface. Your sauna experience in Sweden will certainly be like no other.

Take a dog sledding transfer trip to the airport


Dog sled airport transfers allow you to choose between starting or completing your Kiruna winter activities. You are picked up from your hotel and taken on a wonderfully exciting trip through the Swedish Lapland. The tour takes just over 1 hour and you must pre-book. An experienced guide will accompany you on your journey. The price will also include luggage transport to the airport and clothing rental. This activity is especially a good idea if you're under time pressure. You can book your airport transfer here.

Go heliskiing down the terrain

Heliskiing is downhill skiing by helicopter. At Kiruna’s Riksgränsen, there are mountains with heights of up to 900 metres, where you can easily reach by a helicopter within just a few minutes. This activity includes a trained and certified guide who will show you the ropes and take you to the best skiing spots.

Get to know the Sami way of life


This interesting historical tour will start from a visit to the Sami museum, where you can learn all about the Sami culture. Afterwards, you will spend time in a special tepee in which your guide will show you how to bake the traditional Sami bread on an open fire. There will be plenty of locally prepared foods to eat and drink including, reindeer stew, reindeer soup, berry shots, and other delicacies. Finally, after a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, you will get the chance to caress the calm reindeer and feed them whilst learning about their characteristics and how important they are for the Sami People.

Ski in the beautiful unspoiled mountains

A skiing tour allows you to enjoy the magnificent views of Kiruna on an unspoiled terrain. Even if you have never skied before, you can pace yourself comfortably and practice this fun activity in the quiet mountains. This adrenaline-pumping tour includes a skiing guide who will take you through the mountains of Låktatjåkka or Kopparfjell. If you don’t know how to use the safety equipment, it’s best to join the 2-hour preliminary course before starting your tour. You must bring suitable clothing as well as ski equipment with you. This tour is ideal for beginner skiers who want to ski on the low and unsteep mountains without going on helicopters or doing cross-country skiing.

Take a helicopter ride


A helicopter tour will allow you to see the peaks of Kebnekaise and much more. This is a must-do tour – and a very popular one. Getting a bird’s eye view of the mountains is an unforgettable experience and well worth the 20 minutes you spend in the helicopter. The heliport is situated in the village of Nikkaluokta, where the helicopter will depart from. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Stay overnight in a self-made igloo

Sleeping in a self-built igloo is a unique experience. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t feel the cold in an igloo as the snow provides insulation against wind plus you will sleep on a comfortable mattress in good quality sleeping bags. To build your own igloo, a good deal of effort needs to be made on your part. You will spend a few hours piling up the snow and flattening it with your snowshoes before waiting for it to freeze. Whilst you are waiting for the compressed snow to freeze, you can regain your energy by enjoying a hot cup of berry tea with snacks. Now you are ready to create a cave out of the compressed snow. In the evening, you will gather around the campfire and perhaps see the Northern Lights before going to sleep in your newly built igloo.

Learn ice fishing

In this activity, you will be shown how to catch fresh fish for lunch. Ice fishing is a great way of spending a relaxing day in the Swedish Lapland surrounded by nature and snow-peaked mountains. Tour operators will take you to a frozen lake on a snowmobile. Most ice fishing tours are combined with lunch at a campfire on an island on the lake. Your tour starts with learning ice fishing and after some time you can take a break on an island where you start a campfire and cook on the open fire. You can warm up by drinking berry juice or tea.

Embark on an ice climbing adventure


This exciting activity is not for the faint hearted, but even if you have never tried it before, now is the perfect time to give it a go. During this tour, you will practice climbing frozen waterfalls with the help of an instructor. You will be securely tied into the rope and given tools like ice axes and crampons to make your climbing task easier. The beautiful Abisko Canyon will be visible from below, but if you get vertigo, best not to look down. There is no previous experience necessary for this activity and your guide will provide you with a brief intro on how to use the equipment before taking you to the specific locations.

Top 10 hacks about visiting the Swedish Lapland: Sweden Travel Tips

  1. You won't need to hire a car as it can cost up to 700 Euros for just 1 week. Most tour operators will pick you up from your accommodation. Even the hotels can arrange for transportation too, plus you will always find a taxi cab in Kiruna.

  2. If you are pushed for time, you can combine the activities by booking your airport pickup or return trip with a dog sled. You can also combine a snowmobile tour with ice fishing or combine either snowmobiling, Husky safari or reindeer sled with an aurora hunting tour at night

  3. Reindeer days are in general longer than they need to be. The reindeer day is mostly a combination of the sami experience and the reindeer. The sami experience is mainly about story telling and sami food in a teepee tent. It's a nice experience, however, if you are under time pressure and only want to see the reindeers, go on a ride, or spend time with the reindeers.... then a 2hr activity may be better. Search for tours that are only 2hrs instead of 4hrs long.

  4. Almost every tour starts around 9-10am. The first 30min are always spent on passing warm clothing to the participants, or waiting for everyone to arrive ... At around 12-1pm the tour will end with a lunch. However, if you don’t have much time, then lunch will be unnecessary. It is best to book 2 tours in a row and skip lunch in order to make the most of the day light. At 2pm it gets dark again and you can always eat then.

  5. First of all, you don't need to go on a tour to see the Auroras. The only benefit those tours offer is that they will drive you away from light pollution. It doesn't matter if you book an aurora tour by snowmobile, reindeer, or Husky. What all these tours have in common is that they drive you somewhere into the woods where you don't experience any artificial light, because you will be able to see the Northern Lights better without any light pollution. These tours aren’t bad to take part in, but they don’t necessarily increase your chances of seeing the auroras. All the tours will drive you into the woods to the Teppee tents, where you can sit around a campfire and wait for the auroras to show up.

  6. Book a remote accommodation, away from the city and without artificial light. You will not only see the auroras better, but you will also enjoy the charms of the Swedish Lapland surrounded by pure nature. We recommend locations near a lake for several reasons. Lakes are nice for walks, and for cross-crountry skiing plus on a lake you can watch the Northern Lights without objects in front of your eyes like trees. In addition, white snow is good for reflection, its lighter and good for photography. If you travel during a warmer season where the lake is not frozen you will have amazing aurora reflections on the water.

  7. Activities close to the Ice Hotel tend to be more expensive and touristy, with more people in your group. Aside from the price, tours away from Ice Hotel are more personal, with smaller groups, which is much nicer. You won’t want to experience those tours with too many people. In smaller groups you can customise the tours, for example increase the speed on a snowmobile tour.

  8. For some tours it makes sense to book a private tour, eg for snowmobile tours. People have different preferences on how fast they want to drive. In a private tour you can ignore the speed limit and drive faster if you wish.

  9. The best time of the year to visit the Swedish Lapland for snow-based activities is from late November to March. The best time to see the Northern Lights is between September and late March, but you can also see them as early as late-August when it's the beginning of the aurora season. Bear in mind that Lapland is not only about the Northern Lights, it's also about the winter wonderland and taking part in snow-related activities. The weather conditions during these months are ideal for all types of winter activities, such as Husky safaris and skiing. If you want to see the midnight sun, however, the best time to visit Sweden is May to September but there won't be any snow.

  10. Spend 1 or 2 days in Stockholm: since there are no direct flights to and from Kiruna to other countries, you will have to catch a connection flight via Stockholm. Why not spend a day or two exploring this compact capital city before or after visiting Kiruna.

Where to stay in Kiruna

Arctic Gourmet Cabin


Experience luxurious accommodation in a private setting and enjoy delicious food in the world’s smallest restaurant just 20 minutes away from Kiruna.

The world’s smallest restaurant :)

The world’s smallest restaurant :)

Location: Kaalasjarvi
Facilities: 2 cabins of 15 sqm, with double bed, armchairs, a kettle, and a minibar full of wine, beer, and snacks. Free WiFi. The 2 cabins share the toilet, shower, and sauna. Flat screen TV.
What's special about this accommodation? Small accommodation with just 2 private cabins suitable for 2 persons. The personal chef and owner of this cosy hotel, Johan, cooks super meals every evening in a homely restaurant. Unique setting and comfortable accommodation.
Min price: 250 euros
Max price: 500 euros
Does the hotel offer any activities? Yes, Johan offers ice fishing tours with campfires on a small island at the lake nearby. He and his partner Malin can organise all-inclusive package tours for you, such as Husky overnight tour, Husky deluxe tour for 3 nights, aurora watching from the outdoor hot tub, and tips from Johan on how to capture the auroras with the right camera settings. All the tours are arranged for small groups so they will feel more personal and less crowded.
Sauna available? Yes
Hot tub available? Yes reservation possible? Yes, here

Ice Hotel Sweden


The world’s first ice hotel is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden about 17 kilometres from Kiruna.

Location: Jukkasjärvi
Does the hotel offer any activities? Yes, ice sculpting class, wilderness dinner, massage, aurora watching in a tent, visit a dog sled kennel and take a short Husky ride, snowmobiling, champagne tasting, music quiz, Christmas Day Carol concert, the making of Ice Hotel tour, Sami dinner, dog sled transfers to airport, self guided tours, wildlife and nature photography, fishing, Northern Lights safari, dog sledding with overnight stay, Arctic wildlife safari on snowmobile, sauna, cross-country skiing, Torne River rafting, moose safari on horseback, Northern Lights on horseback,
Sauna available? Yes
Hot tub available? No reservation possible? Yes, here.

Cold Rooms at the Ice Hotel


Facilities: 27 sqm room with 2 beds, breakfast included. Private changing cubicle and storage. WiFi. 2 restaurants. The Deluxe suite cold rooms are 40 sqm.
What's special about this accommodation? Each suite is individually themed. The cold room holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. All the rooms are furnished with exclusive beds that offer guests the best comfort. The bed is covered with reindeer skin and you can sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. Staying in a cold room in the Ice Hotel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don't want to miss. You will sleep on a bed that's completely made of ice.
Min price: 600 euros
Max price: 1000 euros

Warm Rooms at the Ice Hotel

Warm Room at the Ice Hotel

Warm Room at the Ice Hotel

Facilities: 28 sqm rooms with WiFi, TV, 2 beds, hairdryer, private bathroom and shower, iron and board, tea and coffee making facility. 2 armchairs and small coffee table. 2 restaurants. There are also 33 sqm Nordic Chalet and Arctic Chalet warm rooms with 3 beds and 4 beds available with kitchenette.
What's special about this accommodation? Each room has 2 floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light to enter. Heated floors.
Min price: 300 euros
Max price: 600 euros

What to see in Kiruna

Your Kiruna sightseeing tour should include the following:

Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park is situated close to the Norwegian border and belongs to Kiruna city. You can spot many rare species of birds in this park. The Abisko National Park is famous for its natural and unspoiled beauty as well as its outdoor activities both in winter and summer. The park was established in 1909 and has since been a popular sight for visitors from all over the world.

Kiruna Church

The Kiruna Church is a top attraction in Sweden. This Lutheran-Protestant church is located just 5 minutes from the tourist office in Kiruna. It was opened in 1912 and voted the most popular building in Sweden. The interior of this church consists of majestic chandeliers and a beautiful altar with golden figurines and huge windows. It’s a must-see church for anyone visiting Sweden.

Luossaraava mountains

Kiruna’s famous city mountain is conveniently located in the city and reachable on foot. It offers a great view of the entire Kiruna city and when the weather is clear, you can even catch a glimpse of Sweden’s highest mountain range, Kebnekaise. Luossaraava offers 4 ski slopes and 3 ski lifts. It is a great place to come for skiing from mid November until end of April.

Climb Kebnakaise

As part of your Kiruna sightseeing tour, why not dare yourself to a challenging activitiy and climb the highest mountain in Sweden. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent views of the city from top of Kebnakaise. This mountain is situated 70 km west of Kiruna and you can easily reach it by bus number 92.

Visit Esrange Space Centre

Located 40 km north-east of Kiruna, this rocket-launching facility is easily visible from the city. Guided tours to the space centre must be pre-booked.

Guided City tour of Kiruna

Kiruna has a rich architectural history, even though it was only founded 100 years ago. Thanks to the city’s expanding mining industry, you can take part in guided city tours around the must-see sites and learn more about the Swedish, Sami, and other interesting cultures.

Arctic clothing - how to dress for winter in Swedish Lapland

Rule #1
The most important rule for arctic clothing is air. The air inside and in-between your layers is what will keep you warm. It’s not about how many layers of clothing you should wear; it’s about the air flow in your layers. Remember not to wear very tight clothing as you need to have adequate air flow inside your layers. The same goes for your boots and mittens.

What you should wear:
The base layer (underwear) should be comfortable and made from wool. Merino wool underwear as your first layer provides both comfort and warmth. The thickness should be at least 400.

The second layer should be a sweater made from wool. This layer should provide insulation and release the sweat easily. Add optional another thermal layer, which can be made of wool or a down jacket.

The last layer is the arctic coveralls, which most accommodations will provide you. It's best to choose one size bigger so you can wear all your layers underneath and still have enough air.

Additional clothes you need:

  • You will also need a moose hat to cover your head and ears.

  • Buff scarves or face masks are good as you can pull them up to your face and cover your neck. The only downside to wearing a scarf is that it’s too long and you won’t be able to zip up your jacket. If you do wear a scarf, zip up your jacket to the very top and just wrap the scarf around your jacket otherwise your neck won’t be totally covered.

  • It’s better to wear 2 pairs of good quality wool socks rather than 4 pairs as you won’t have any air flow inside your socks.

  • Mittens are better than gloves as all your 4 fingers are in one place. The downside to mittens is that your fingers will be restricted in movement, but you won’t need to use your fingers in most of the activities anyway. However, if you go out for a photography session, for example, you will need to wear gloves so you'd be able to use your fingers flexibly.

Good to know:
Most hotels and accommodations will provide you with arctic coveralls, boots, hats, and mittens. You should bring a good pair of gloves, wool socks, and your layers with you.

How to capture the Northern Lights?

Please check out how to capture the Northern Lights in our Finish Lapland travel article :)


Where is Kiruna Sweden?

Kiruna is the northernmost city of Sweden in the Arctic Circle. It was discovered in 1899 and just a few years later, it became a municipality. Kiruna is situated on the eastern shore of Luossa Lake and home to the world’s biggest iron mine.

Is Kiruna in the Arctic Circle?

Yes, it is 145 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Why should I visit Kiruna?

If you want to stay in the world's most unique accommodations and see the Northern Lights, then you should consider visiting Kiruna. There are lots of exciting winter activities to take part as listed above.

How to get around in Kiruna?

Whichever accommodation you choose to stay at, you will get picked up directly by the tour organisers and taken to the activity of your choice. However, if you wish to take a trip to the city centre then you can either take a taxi or hire a car. Although hiring a car is expensive, it offers you the freedom to go out whenever and wherever you want.
The easiest way to get around in Kiruna is by catching a taxi. They are prompt, convenient, and available whenever you need them.
There is also a network of buses that cover the entire Swedish Lapland region. The city bus is an easy way to get around and every route is marked by a specific colour. You can find the timetables from the tourist office. There is also the airport shuttle bus that runs between the airport and main bus station. The bus from the Kiruna train station and the main bus station is free and departs every half an hour.

How big is Kiruna?

Kiruna is Sweden’s largest town, in geographic terms, covering 20,715 square kilometres. The population of Kiruna is around 18,143 inhabitants.

Where is the nearest airport to Kiruna?

Kiruna Airport is only 10 minutes away from the city centre. You will need to catch a connection flight from Stockholm as there are no direct international flights to and from Kiruna.

How to get to Kiruna city from the airport?

The easiest way is to catch a taxi. But buses also run run daily from central station to airport and back.

What to do in Kiruna in winter?

Check our activity list of winter activities above.

How to get from Stockholm to Abisko?

It’s best to fly from Stockholm to Kiruna (1.5 hours approx.) and then get the train to Abisko, which will take 1 to 1.5 hours.

How to get to Kiruna from Stockholm?

The easiest way is to take a Stockholm to Kiruna flight, which takes around 1.5 hours. The Kiruna to Stockholm train is another way to get there and you can choose the night train to catch some sleep until you arrive in northern Sweden.

How far is Kiruna from Stockholm Sweden?

Approx. 1,231 km.

Is there a Kiruna Northern Lights tour to take part in?

Yes, at the Aurora Sky Station you can watch the auroras. You can also go on an aurora hunting tour arranged by the Ofelas ranch or see them from the Ice Hotel Sweden. Our recommended list of accommodations all offer Northern Lights tours too. You can book Aurora hunting tour at almost every accommodation you stay at as well as through tour operators. Everyone is more or less offering these tours. You can also check at the tourist centre through this website.

Are there any mine tours in Kiruna?

Yes, see the mine tour activity in our activity list above.

What is the currency of Sweden?

Swedish Krona. Every 1 euro is equivalent to 10.25 kronas. 1 pound equals to 11.66 kronas, and 1 dollar is equivalent to 9.02 kronas.

How to get to Kiruna train station?

The new train station in Kiruna was established in 2013. You can get the transfer bus for free and reach the new train station from the central bus station in Kiruna.

How long is the flight to Lapland Sweden?

There are no direct flights to Kiruna, so you will need to get a connection flight via Stockholm. From Munich Airport, the flight can take up to 6 hours and 30 minutes including the stopover.
The flight from Stockholm to Kiruna is 1.5 hours.

Where to stay in Kiruna?

See our accommodation recommendations for the best hotels in Kiruna Sweden.

Is everything in Kiruna’s Icehotel made of ice?

Yes, The hotel is made out of snow and ice blocks that are taken from the Torne River; even the beds, chairs, and tables are made of ice.

How cold is inside the Icehotel?

It gets as cold as -5 degrees to -8 degrees Celsius in the cold rooms.

Can I see the auroras from the Icehotel?

There is no guarantee that you will be able to see the Kiruna Northern Lights from your hotel. The only recommendation we can give is to stay in Sweden as long as possible as the Kiruna Sweden Ice Hotel is in a prime location for aurora watching. There are many remote places that you can go to for your chance to see the auroras.

When is the best time to visit the Icehotel?

The Ice Hotel is open all year round. If you want to see the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, you can visit this hotel in late August. For snow-related activities and another chance to see the auroras, February to March is a good time to visit Sweden.

When is the best time to see Northern Lights?

Late August when it’s the beginning of the aurora season and early September. Late February and early March are also the best months. However, you will have also very good chances of seeing the auroras anywhere between August - end of April.

What is the best way to see Northern Lights?

The best way to see the auroras is to get as far away from noise and light pollution as possible. Abisko is about as far north as you can get in the Swedish Lapland and it’s become a popular destination for aurora spotters.

Where to eat in Kiruna?

One of the best places to eat in Kiruna is if you stay Johan's place in the Arctic Gourmet Cabin. You can also enjoy delicious Swedish foods at the Ice Hotel's two restaurants. Some of the other great restaurants in Kiruna Sweden include the Bishop Arms, a British pub with great food and beer selection. It is located close to the city centre. Cafe Safari is another good place to visit. Many young locals and visitors eat in this informal cafe. There is also the Arctic Thai with tasty and exotic Thai cuisine for reasonable prices. For burger and chips, go to Annis Grill.

What is the distance from Kiruna to Copenhagen?

1,885 km.

Is Kiruna cold in winter?

Yes. From December to February, temperatures can easily drop to -30 degrees Celsius, so you will need to bring decent winter boots and thermal clothing.

What is the Kiruna weather like?

Summers are cool and short and the winters are long, freezing cold, and snowy. From May to September, temperatures are 8 degrees Celsius on average, and as high as 15 degrees Celsius in June to July.

Which side of the road should I drive on in Sweden?

On the right side.

Are the roads in Sweden in good condition during winter?

The roads in Sweden are well maintained and driveable even in snowy conditions. However, rural roads and forest roads in remote locations can be full of bumps or are likely to be unsurfaced.

Are there campsites in Kiruna?

Yes, there are Camp Alta and Camp Ripan sites for camping enthusiasts.

Experience the world's most unique hotel made of ice - ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi

Experience the world's most unique hotel made of ice - ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi

Aurora glass cabins Finland

Aurora glass cabins Finland